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Weddings And Events

The Event

Whether you’re looking for the perfect exit car for your upcoming Wedding, or want to add a vintage flair to your next big party, we have got you covered. Our vehicles are available for rent by the hour, and can transport up to 5 people each to any destination in the Asheville area. We also provide special services designed to make your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party unforgettable. Our vehicles will make your Destination Wedding all about the journey!

The Cars
1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Our 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible is one of only 3,356 ever made. Lincoln’s creation was designed to represent the height of the luxury automobile. With a unibody frame, supremely spacious interior, and exclusive luxurious accoutrements--it’s no wonder this was one of the most expensive vehicles of the era at over $7,000 when new. It demanded such a premium price tag due in part to features like power seats, power windows, cruise control, automatically dimming headlamps, FM radio, power disc brakes, and interval windshield wipers. The experience of riding in the Continental can only be described as sublime, as it glides effortlessly over bumps. Experience the wind in your hair and a smile on your face!

1959 Oldsmobile 88

For its one year production run in 1959, GM took the styling cues of the late 50’s Chrysler products, and made one of the most gorgeous designs in automotive history. This Oldsmobile shares the same basic body and chassis design as the Cadillac Coupe de Ville and Pontiac Catalina, making for a very smooth and poised cruiser. With it’s Bubble-Top roofline and tapered Tail Fins, this beauty is an ode to the American post-war optimism and prosperity experienced throughout much of the 1950s. We have enhanced the reliability and safety of our Oldsmobile with modern drivetrain and suspension. The Bubble-Top makes for excellent 360 degree visibility as you glance at the landscape passing by. With seating for up to 5 passengers, we have room to fit your whole party!

Rates and Packages
Hourly Rate

Our vehicles are available by the hour, please call for rates as they vary by season. Discounts are available for daily use.

Bachelorette Champagne Cruise

What better way is there to spend the day of your Bachelorette Party than cruising the mountainside in a luxury vintage automobile with your closest friends? Take a ride around Asheville, exploring the scene (and possibly making one of your own) with a Champagne* flute in your hand, and wind in your hair!

Bachelor Cigar Cruise

While bachelor parties are known to be notoriously raucous, wild events--cruising the town in one of our classic cars is the perfect activity for the refined gentleman. We will provide a sampling of world-class cigars for the ride that you and your groomsmen will never forget. Feel free to bring along a couple beers* for the ride!

*Alcohol is NOT provided by REV, but you are welcome bring your own! Only beer and wine are permitted. No liquor may be consumed in our vehicles.